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About H&M

H&M’s history dates back to 1947, when Erling Persson opened a small women’s clothing store called Hennes in Sweden after getting inspired by his travels to New York and exposure to a wide variety of affordable fashion. Hennes was quite a success from the start, and this led to the acquisition of Stockholm-based hunting apparel and fishing equipment retailer Mauritz Widforss many years down the line, leading to a change in the brand name to Hennes & Mauritz. Known for its fast fashion approach, H&M brings new trends and styles to the market every now and then at affordable prices, making them accessible to anyone and everyone.

H&M is the oldest and one of the world’s largest retailers, and it has played a huge role in shaping the global fashion industry. The brand currently has more than 4800 stores in more than 70 countries and online sales in 60 markets, which speaks volumes about the likability and success of the brand worldwide. The brand engages in the sale of clothing, home furnishings, accessories, and footwear. The products are available for men, women, and kids.

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