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About Bath & Body Works

Fragrances and skincare have been around for centuries; however, they have become increasingly relevant in today’s day and age. Fragrances are mostly used to enhance mood, boost confidence, and give a sense of well-being, making them more important to have than ever before. Skin care has also become essential on a daily basis, given the exposure to a variety of pollutants and stressors. The fact that everyone wants to look beautiful, well groomed, and free of wrinkles and fine lines has exponentially contributed to this industry.

Bath & Body Works is one such brand that realised the power of fragrance and turned it into a mission to make the world a brighter and happier place. The brand was launched by L Brands in 1990 and currently has more than 1800 stores in the U.S. and Canada and more than 425 international franchised locations, including an online storefront at Bath & Body Work. They are also a global leader in personal care and home fragrance, including the top-selling collections for fine fragrance mist, body lotion and body cream, 3-wick candles, home fragrance diffusers, and liquid hand soap.

The brand also has a strong commitment to sustainability and is committed to reducing its environmental impact.

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