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Discovering Hummel

Living a healthy lifestyle is not a choice anymore, it has become much more important in the modern times considering cut throat competition everywhere resulting in mental stress and unhealthy lifestyles. One has to stay active irrespective of the age. Whether it’s running, walking, or hitting a yoga studio or a gym, one must be committed to dedicate a minimum 30-45 minutes everyday to stay active. If you wish for excellent health and a great personality, being active is the only way to be.

There are various sportswear & athleisure brands that can help you achieve a healthy lifestyle, however there is one brand that particularly stands out which is called Hummel. Hummel. Founded by the Meesmer family in 1923, Messmer & Co (now Hummel) developed the first football cleats in the world. The Danish brand believed in changing the world through sports. After introducing the Chevrons to the world of Sports, Hummel launched its first sportswear collection in 1969 and already had a few sponsors to support them which in turn helped in boosting sales. There were some of the most popular sponsorship deals signed by the brand such as the one with Danish National team that lasted for more than two decades, and the other with Real Madrid and its biggest player Emilio in 1988 making it the most popular sportswear brand across the world, and many more.

Hummel upholds a strong commitment to social responsibility, crafting, manufacturing, and promoting premium apparel and sports equipment. The brand extends its influence to include both fashion-forward and casual sportswear for individuals of all ages, ensuring a blend of quality and style in every product.

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